Heat Up Your Online Marketing with Pyromaniac

We make your online presence pop and sizzle with smart, no-nonsense digital marketing. Small business, big dreams? We've got the match to light your fire.



a person with an obsessive desire to set fire to things.

We're Pyromaniac. And we do things a little differently.

Pyromaniac Digital sparked to life with simple yet powerful idea: small businesses deserve to play in the big leagues.

We understand that resources (especially time) for small businesses are limited but your aspirations are sky-high. Our mission? To give the underdogs the firepower they need to grow.

At Pyromaniac, we don’t just add fuel to your marketing strategy; we light it up and keep the flame burning. Because when it comes to digital, we believe it's not the size of the business that matters—it's the size of the fire in your marketing team.

Light the Match on Your Market Impact

Pyromaniac creates smokin’ digital marketing systems for the underdog business.

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