Terms of Service

Last updated: November 4, 2023

Welcome to Our Website

When you use our site, you're saying that you're old enough to be considered an adult where you live, or if you're not, that your parents are cool with you browsing around. Also, let's keep it legal and respectful – no shady business or spreading viruses, okay?

If you don't play by the rules, we might have to cut ties and stop providing you our services.

Just So You Know...

We can decide who we want to work with, and we might stop or change our service without a heads-up. Your stuff (except super private info like credit card numbers) might travel over the web unencrypted, which is pretty standard.

Don't go copying or selling any part of our service or website without our say-so.

And those titles in this agreement? They're just to make things easier to read and don't affect the terms themselves.

About the Info on Our Site

We do our best, but we can't promise that all the info on our site is perfect or up-to-date. It's here for your general knowledge, but don't rely on it as the only advice. If you spot something that's changed, it's on you to let us know.

Sometimes we'll have old info on the site – it's just for reference and might not be current.

Heads-Up on Changes and Prices

We might change or stop our service or adjust prices without telling you first, and we're not responsible if that bugs you or causes any issues.

Products and Services for Sale

We can choose who we sell to and might limit our sales to certain places or people. We can also change or stop selling anything at any time. If we say something's for sale, it doesn't mean it's available everywhere or forever.

Just because you bought something from us doesn't mean we guarantee it'll be perfect for you, and we're not on the hook if there are little mistakes in our service.

Dealing with Other Websites

We might link to other websites, but that doesn't mean we check everything they post or sell. If you have a problem with something you bought from another site, you'll need to talk to them, not us.

Your Two Cents

If you send us ideas or feedback, we can use them without any restrictions. We don't have to keep them secret, pay you for them, or even reply to you.

We might check out what you post on our site and take down anything that's not cool or breaks the rules.

Make sure you're honest and respectful with your comments, and don't pretend to be someone else.

Got Our Back

If things go south because you didn't follow these terms, you've got to cover us for any trouble that causes.

Don't Do This

Here's a no-no list: don't use our site for anything illegal, don't steal our stuff or anyone else's, and don't be mean or cause trouble. If you do, we might have to block you from our site.

The Fine Print

We can't promise everything will always work perfectly with our service, and sometimes we might need to pause or cancel it. If you use our service, you're accepting that risk.

Even if something goes wrong on your end because of our service, our responsibility is limited.

If Something Doesn't Fly

If a part of these terms doesn't hold up legally, the rest still does.

When It's Over

These terms are in effect until one of us calls it quits. You can back out anytime, and we can end things too, especially if you're not following the rules.

The Whole Picture

Just because we don't enforce a part of these terms right away doesn't mean we're giving up our rights. This document is the whole agreement between us about our service.